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Season 05-06
15/07/05 - Are you embarrassed by the lack of atmosphere at Highbury?...

‘Worst Support we’ve ever seen’... ‘Highbury Library’... ‘Four Nil and you still don’t sing’... ‘It’s just like being in Church’... Need any more examples?

Are you willing to help improve the situation at Ashburton Grove?

Hands up if you’re sick of the stick we have taken from visiting fans at Highbury down the years. Me too. Want to do something about it? Do you make as much noise as you can at Highbury, even if you are met with stunned silence, or worse, disapproving tuts (Hello, North Upper…..) from other Arsenal Fans around you. You may be in a small group, or even singing on your own, but you feel an obligation to contribute to the atmosphere - If so - Step this way ; you are exactly the type of person we are looking for.

REDaction is an independent supporters group working to improve the match day atmosphere at Highbury. We are currently negotiating a REDsection with the club for the new stadium. This is, in effect, a singing section where we aim to draw singers from all parts of Highbury together into one section. Too often, singers are sat amongst tourists, moaners and the typical "sidaaaaaan" fans so the noise that the singers are making is not contributing the atmosphere. However, in the REDsection you would be amongst like minded people, all determined to make noise. Currently, the club have agreed to have a REDsection at the new stadium if we can prove that we have the people in place to fill it! We are now registering Gooners for the section but need more singers to join the ones we already have. We need as many as possible, so please spread the word!

Plans are at a very early stage, but maybe, just maybe, fans like you and I will be able to sit in the same area at the new stadium, and all make some noise together to inspire the team, and finally shut the visiting fans up. Early discussions suggest an area in the lower tier, between the goal and the corner section (so as to straddle two price bands) could be made available specifically for Arsenal fans to get the atmosphere going.

We had a trial run of this idea in the Carling Cup game against Everton and this was a roaring success! Normally, these games are amongst the quietest, but our section of over 100 did the lads proud as we really got behind the lads and helped them to a 3-1 win. The club were forced to take their hats off and pay attention to the idea of a dedicated section for the noisiest fans.

If we get more Gooners to register en masse, the club will give us the green light. It will mean the days of being embarrassed about the atmosphere and being out sung by small clubs will be gone! All singers will have a place where they can feel in the majority.

The section is open to Gold, Silver and Red members.

To register yourself for the REDsection, simply send your:

1. Full name
2. Current Arsenal membership status (Gold / Silver / Red)
3. Current Arsenal membership number

To This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the subject line "REDsection"

Alternatively, please send your details to us at the following address :

c/o Sue Campbell
The Travel Club
Arsenal Stadium
N5 1BU.

Also, if you wish to be kept up to date with all of REDactions activities then please send a blank email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This will put you on a mailing list with other Gooners who have either registered for the singing section or shown support for REDaction. It will give you a chance to debate other atmosphere ideas amongst those who feel as strongly as you.

Please show your support for the REDsection and register. Help us bring the noise back for our team!

Please send this info onto as many people as possible, and get them to do the same. We need to start a snowball effect - and with your help we can do this!

Victoria Concordia Crescit

The REDaction team

15/07/05 - REDaction invite you to a meeting at Highbury

REDaction are holding a meeting on the 22nd. July in the Clock End Mezzaine suite. In this meeting we hope to be able to fully explain exact details for the REDsection at Emirates.

Those of you who have already placed yourself on the REDsection list will know that up until now, we have had restrictions on the amount of information that we could hand out. Thankfully, at that meeting we will be able to give full details of the REDsection. (Please note, that any members unable to attend will have an...

25/07/05 - Report: REDaction Summer meeting

Friday night I had the pleasure of attending the REDaction event in the Clockend Mezzanine Suite at Highbury. As always I found it weirdly unnatural to be walking to the ground when there was no game on, quite why I always find this to be such a surreal experience I’ve no idea.

Charlie - Guest Speaker

As for the event itself, well it really was good to get together with so many genuine and devoted fans and spend the entire evening talking about the mighty reds. There was also the major bonus...

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