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Season 03-04
09/10/03 - Calling all Gooners! - Help needed with Arsenal songsheet

Arsenal fans. We like a good moan. Oh come on, admit it, we just love a good whinge don’t we? Good at talking, but not so good at actually doing. That’s us.

For years now we’ve been sulking, grumbling and moaning while we’ve watched the match-day atmosphere at our beloved home slowly get worse and worse, and we’ve enjoyed the experience less and less, but we’ve never done anything to try and improve it.

Well it’s time that changed. A group of Arsenal fans have got together to launch a new initiative that aims to create 10 brand new songs, which when achieved, will be known as the Arsenal SongSheet.

The driving force behind this new initiative is the need to try and improve the atmosphere at Highbury (and at away games). The Arsenal SongSheet will, over time, act as the mechanism in the process of creating new songs, as well as new ideas, to improve our match-day atmosphere.

You know that song you heard a few lads singing at Birmingham last year? Or that little ditty you and your mates enjoy belting out in the Woodbine before a game? Well they’re great songs right? But they’ve never really caught on. You’ve never had a chance to get them aired amongst the wider Gooner population. Well now’s your chance.

We’re asking all Gooner songwriters out there to start putting pen to paper and come up with some brand new, original songs for the Arsenal faithful. In particular, we are looking to create an Arsenal “anthem”. A tune that we can call our own. Not a song stolen from United, or Chelsea, but something brand new. Something to give back to Arsenal fans a little bit of identity, which has been missing in recent years. Our own “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, or “Blue Moon” if you like. So we need originality.

At the same time, we’re looking to create some new players’ songs, which are also badly needed. So if you have a tune for Ralph, Kolo, Ashley or Gilberto, or a new song for Thierry, we want to hear those as well.

If you have an idea for a new song, we want to know about it. E-mail your new song ideas to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or alternatively, visit the message board and post it there. Either way, make sure you get your song heard, and make sure you include “Arsenal Songsheet” in the subject line.

The new songs we are given will be filtered down to the best 30, and then we we’ll be giving all Arsenal fans a chance to vote for their top ten. The ten songs that will make it onto the finalised Songsheet. We can then set about getting the new songs distributed on match days, and this is where we’ll need your help. So if you’re someone who can support the cause, and help us out with printing of A4 sheets, photocopying, or simply sparing 20 minutes of your time before a game to help distribute the sheets outside pubs and outside the ground, let us know.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

So that’s the Arsenal SongSheet. We think it can work but it won’t without your help and support. We have long complained about the lack of atmosphere at Highbury, and whilst this initiative won’t cure that overnight, it’s the chance for us to do our bit to improve the situation.

Get your thinking caps on!

Victoria Concordia Crescit

The REDaction team

04/11/03 - Vote for the Arsenal Songsheet!

Gooners, a shortlist of the best entries for the new Arsenal Songsheet has been finalised, and now it's your chance to vote for your favourites.

The team would like to say a big, big thank you to everybody who contributed with an entry for the songsheet. Naturally there is a limit to how many we can include at this stage, and so the panel have had to sift through the hundreds of new song ideas and reduce them to the best 30. Commiserations to those of you whose song didn't make the shortlist this time, but don't worry they won't be discarded. We hope to make the songsheet an...

27/01/04 - 'Fans' Day' at Highbury - Sunday February 1st.

Many things will be said about ‘Fans Day’ in the next week, but to me it represents one thing: a positive step in the right direction.

Everybody reading this has, at one stage or another, complained about the atmosphere (or rather - lack of!) on matchdays at Highbury. We’ve all done it, and we’re right to, because it’s embarrassing. The atmosphere at home games has gone from poor to appalling over the last few years, while we’ve all stood in the pubs moaning to each other about ‘middle class fans’ and ‘tickets being too expensive’. But you know what? It’s all...

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