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A force that tends to oppose or retard motion
Resistance: n

It's not easy dealing with resistance in any part of life whether it's with the family, work or our better halves. It's certainly no easier or less important when that resistance comes from the football club you love and have followed all your life. Or, even worse, when it comes from your fellow fans!

You go to Italy, Spain and other countries and you have the official websites helping out fan sites, you have flares, 200ft flags, standing, no seating allocation, players participating in fan functions.....a real interaction between the club and its followers.


Giant Flags

A little known fact about giant flags is that F.A. Premier League rules state no club in the country can allow giant flags into their grounds for FA-sanctioned games. As good as they look in Liverpool - and let's face it, they look excellent - they and all other clubs who do the same are breaking the rules. We know how straight-laced Arsenal are and so they do their best to stick to the rules. In our early days, we tried hard to push for fans to have giant flags inside Highbury but to no avail. In spite of this, we are occasionally allowed some of our giant flags for important games. We...

Giveaway Shirts

On Bergkamp day, we had 15,000 Orange t-shirts to give away to the Highbury faithful. At first, we were told we couldn't put them on the stadium's seats in case people started to fight each other in the clamber to get a free t-shirt! But in the end, we reached a compromise and we handed the t-shirts out in the concourses. It went really well and the visual impact was there for all to see which was the goal we were reaching for! The club liked our idea and the visual impact so much that they used it for three more games - the last game at Highbury, the Champions League final and the first...

North Bank Banner

For those of you with particularly shrewd memories, you may remember there was a period at the turn of the millennium where the North Bank Upper advertising hoardings were empty. Not missing a beat, we researched the matter and discovered that Nike had paid for the space but hadn't actually used it!
We approached the club with a proposal - a set of themed banners. Here's the results of the proposal:

  1. "WHL 71" - approved
  2. "ANFIELD 89" - approved
  3. "OLD TRAFFORD 02" - approved
  4. "WHL 04" - approved
  5. "VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY" - initially considered...
Fans' Day

Fans' Day: To their credit, the club made a big push to give something back to the fans by making "Fans Day" one of their final season at Highbury themes. The effort was there but…maybe not the direction! They asked us for input and, for the sake of the success of Fans' Day, we were happy to oblige. Initial ideas from the club included a pub-style karaoke and a full colour song sheet. We knew that the karaoke wouldn't go down well with the old school fans and the colour song sheets containing all established songs (oh ah, Ray Parlour!!) would be sneered at by near enough...

Various resistance from fans

It’s in every football fan’s soul to moan at every given opportunity! Moan about the team not winning and when they do win, moan about one of the players not being quite good enough. Or moan about the atmosphere but at the same time not actually being that bothered about trying to change things. Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan. Why not stand up and make a difference?!

That’s one of the reasons REDaction was set up. If they were giving out prizes for moaning, Gooners would be setting the world stage alight with...


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