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About Us

REDaction is a group of Arsenal fans with one simple aim: to improve the atmosphere at Arsenal games, and to give the best possible support to our team. We work on a whole range of initiatives to try to bring more noise and colour into the stadium - including chants, flags, banners, scarves - and specific campaigns of support that Arsenal fans can get behind.

REDaction was born in 2003, when a small group of people who were disillusioned with the lack of atmosphere at Arsenal games decided they wanted to do something about it. Some Arsenal staff were sympathetic to what we were trying to do and have helped us in various ways ever since. For the most part though, we are an independent group of fans - about a dozen active organizers plus several hundred people who take part in our initiatives.

We have no official membership and are completely open to ideas from anybody and everybody. Because of the range of things REDaction is involved in, we know we will never please everybody all of the time. But, we know that contributing to a better atmosphere at Arsenal games, in whatever way, is something that many Arsenal fans think is important.


In the nine years that REDaction have been active, we have worked on a wide range of different projects to help improve the Arsenal atmosphere.

We work on things that can take years of persistence - persuading the right people, generating enough support, and keeping going until they happen.

Getting the REDsection, our small corner of Emirates Stadium, is our biggest achievement to date.

REDaction achievements

Among other things, we have been campaigning to make Emirates look and feel like the home of Arsenal; and to bring the clock into the stadium. As well as this, we run a number of one off events - fancy dress, card displays, and shows of support on specific issues - to bring fans together, and to show our colour, noise and passion.

Get involved

If you support REDaction's aim to improve the atmosphere at Arsenal games, there are 3 ways you can get involved:

Together we can make a difference.

Victory Through Harmony


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