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15/11/12 - The Big One

It's the one we all look for when the fixtures come out, so we know we don't need to say much to get you fired up for this one!  A quick run through of what we have going on this Saturday.

The Rocket will be open at 10:30am - and we expect to be VERY busy, so get in early.  We will have a microphone set up in the DJ booth - so anybody who wants to start off songs can do so.  Don't forget this one ...

We'll have food available as usual pre match, and will probably try to clear the venue from around 12:15, to get into the ground a bit earlier and start trying to build the atmosphere there.

After the game we will of course be open again - we have 4-pint jugs of Carlsberg for a tenner.  We'll have Soccer Saturday on telly, and may even stick on the Norwich vs Man U game at 5:30 if people are still around then.

We know that all is not well in the Arsenal world at the moment - but this is one game where we need all fans to be up for it, to be noisy, and to be behind the team.  We can't wait.

Victory Through Harmony


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