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07/11/12 - A statement from REDaction - the BSM 'walk'

As many will know by now, the "Where Has Our Arsenal Gone" group (also known to many as the BSM) have announced plans for a 'walk' before the Swansea game.  As a result, we have had questions from fans and media about whether we support the BSM group and their plans.  We are happy to make our position clear

Firstly, REDaction is what you could call an 'activist' group - we are a group of fans who are unhappy about something (in our case, the atmosphere at Arsenal games) - so instead of moaning about it in pubs and on the internet, we have tried to get up and do something about it.

We see four main Arsenal fans' groups who do this in their own areas of interest - AISA, AST, REDaction and BSM - and there is MUCH more agreement between the people that run these groups than many realise.  In general, we applaud and support other groups of Arsenal fans who get active to try to change things for the better - even if we don't agree with all of their aims.

But as it happens, we DO also agree with a lot of the BSM's stated aims - because if achieved, they would also help our aims to have a better atmosphere in the stadium.

  • The BSM are clear that people should support the Arsenal team and manager.  Even if you think some players aren't fit to wear the shirt, and the manager's time is up, we should support them during games.


  • The BSM want Arsenal to take action to look into safe standing at Emirates.  We couldn't agree more - the potential positive effect on atmosphere is obvious.


  • The BSM want Arsenal to look at a 'league only' season ticket option.  We agree - it would mean more opportunities for different, younger and local fans to attend cup games - ensuring that the next generation of vocal support can get into the habit of attending Arsenal games.


  • The BSM want season tickets to be made available in the Clock End.  We agree - it would improve atmopshere and may allow the creation of a second REDsection.


  • And more generally, we support aims to make the board more aware of how long term fans are feeling - because we have seen several of our long term, most loyal and vocal REDsection members walk away from the club in recent years.


In short, we are generally supportive of any Arsenal fan group that gets active to stand up for what they believe in.  And we also agree with many of the aims of the BSM walk on 1st December.  So, the REDaction organisers will be joining the walk.

Everybody else can (and should) read the BSM website ( ) if you haven't already, to get the facts in their own words about what they are trying to achieve.  Make your own minds up on whether you agree with them or not - and if so, change your normal matchday routine, get out of the pub, and join in.

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