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25/10/12 - Any excuse for a drink

After a pretty grim week (including Gooners fighting amongst themselves again - never nice to see), we at least have a Saturday 3pm kickoff to look forward to - at home, against a struggling side.  What could possibly go wrong?!

The Rocket will be open at midday - mostly inside this time if the weather forecast is anything to go by.  We will have both live TV games on (Villa vs Norwich before our game; and Man City vs Swansea after), and we'll have the mic available for anybody who wants to start a song or two from about 1:30pm.  The usual food will be available before the game - and we'll put DVDs of classic Arsenal goals and victories on a few of the screens to cheer ourselves up.

Then, the thing you all want to know about - the drink deal:  after the game, 4-pint jugs of Red Stripe for £11.20.  Maybe it will be a decent day after all!

Victory Through Harmony


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