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06/10/14 - Pyro

A couple of things about the flare incident yesterday.

First, taking flares, smoke bombs or any kind of pyro into a football ground in the UK is illegal.

Lots of things are ‘not allowed’ at football, like persistent standing, or drinking in view of the pitch. Most of those things are not allowed because they are against ground regulations (i.e. they are a disagreement between you and the club whose ground you are in). Pyro is different – it is ILLEGAL (i.e. you have broken the law and the police will get involved). Anybody caught with pyro risks arrest, prosecution and a criminal record, as well as the usual banning orders etc. Given the number of high profile incidents lately, the police are VERY interested in pyro - so arrest and prosecution is more likely than not at the moment. Look at the FSF’s website if you don’t believe us.

Aside from the legal issues, setting off a flare/smoke bomb in a very confined space with a densely packed crowd of people, is a pretty idiotic thing to do. It delayed kickoff of the game, it caused some fellow Arsenal fans to choke and have trouble breathing, and it caused many fellow Arsenal fans to miss up to 20mins of the game as they were held outside. We’d like to think it is possible to support our team, creating a ton of noise and a great atmosphere, without that.

Finally, an answer to a question we’ve had on the subject: a couple of years ago, we approached Arsenal to discuss the possibility of having flares under controlled conditions – i.e. for night games, on the pitchside track, run by professionals. They liked the idea, but the law makes it simply impossible – it is very clear that any kind of flare use within football stadiums is illegal.

All in all, we think that a couple of minutes of red smoke is not worth a stadium ban plus fine plus criminal record. Please leave the pyro at home.

Victory Through Harmony


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25/09/14 - **** off to MK, North London is ours ...

Saturday’s game is just around the corner, against the enemy from Middlesex (soon to be Milton Keynes). If ever there was a day for 100% positive support, this is it – so we hope you are in good voice!

A couple of things planned for the game. As you all know, we sold ‘BELIEVE’ t-shirts for our 2 visits to Wembley at the end of last season – thanks to all who bought one. We raised a decent sum of money, all of which we will spend on various initiatives to improve atmosphere. The first of those is a new banner, which will hopefully be making it’s debut before...

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11/09/14 - City, Dortmund and Spurs

Now that internationals have finally finished, we can get back to real football again - and the games start coming thick and fast. Here is an update on what we have going on for the rest of September.

Manchester City: Early kickoff, so the Rocket opens super early at 10:30am. The outdoor courtyard will be open, we'll have Sky Sports, BT Sport and Arsenal DVDs on telly, and food available as usual. Post match, we'll have 4-pint jugs of...

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14/08/14 - It's BACK

The waiting is almost over, Saturday is nearly here!

There is usually a fantastic turnout for the first game of the season (especially if the sun is shining), and we expect this year to be no different. The Rocket is open from midday, with Man U vs Swansea on TV from 12:45, and the HUGE outdoor courtyard open all afternoon - the biggest outdoor drinking space in the area by far. We'll have music, football on telly, hot food available, and some of the best prices on beer to be found...

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