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11/12/14 - Newcastle

Another late kickoff at the weekend, which means another long day! The Rocket will be open from noon, with music, telly (although no early Premier League game this week), and food available as usual. After the game, we’ll be back open again, with 4-pint jugs of Kronenbourg available for a mere £12.

As usual, we plan to get the big “49” flag out before kickoff, and as usual we need helpers for this. If you are able to help, please come to the front of block 6 for around 5:15pm – thanks to those who have helped in the past, we appreciate it! As ever for this one, the team needs our total support during the game – whatever you think about the current goings on off the field, we should all be united during the 90 minutes.

Victory Through Harmony


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23/11/14 - Atmosphere - everybody's job

Another important game coming right up, and we need people to be loud in support of the team.

Borussia Dortmund are rightly known for their amazing support - and as a fans group interested in atmosphere, we of course admire what they do at their games. When we ask for ideas and suggestions on how to improve the atmosphere at Arsenal, by far the most common response is "we should be more like Dortmund fans". We agree - we'd love Arsenal fans to be more like Dortmund fans.

There are some things at Dortmund we can't replicate in the short term (like huge steep stands...

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20/11/14 - Manchester United ...

Hi all

Big game on Saturday - and we hope that, whatever your frustrations at the moment, you come to the stadium and make a lot of noise in support of the team. Here's what we have going on this weekend.

The Rocket will be open from midday - no early game, but we'll have some old Arsenal DVDs and Sky Sports on the telly, as well as music, hot food, and booze of course! After the game, we'll be back open, with 4-pint Amstel jugs for a mere £12.

As ever when the teams come...

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29/10/14 - Burnley, old flags and new flags

Hi all - a fair bit to tell you about this week, starting with what's going on around Saturday's game.

Before our game, The Rocket will be open at noon - with Newcastle vs Liverpool on TV, the courtyard open, and food available as usual. After the game, the Rocket has an (Arsenal related) private party from 7pm. This means there will be a reduced capacity from 5pm - we will be letting people in on a 'first come, first served' basis - apologies in advance if we don't have space when you arrive.

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