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09/04/14 - Wear red for Wembley, and more

It's Wembley THIS WEEKEND! A few things to tell you in advance of the game.

We are encouraging all Arsenal fans to wear red at Wembley! Whether that is an Arsenal shirt, a hoodie, polo or jacket (or one of our 'BELIEVE' t-shirts) - we want the whole of our end to be a sea of red.


Even if you don't normally wear colours to games, please pull on something red for this one - it doesn't need to be anything official!

If you managed to get into Blocks 131 and 132, well done and we hope you enjoy contributing to a fantastic atmosphere. But even if you aren't in those blocks, please don't be shy. The last few weeks have been hard, so the team needs our support throughout the game. Wigan are a good side, and Arsenal fans have a big part to play in lifting our team so the unthinkable doesn't happen. If you are nervous about the game, we find that singing loudly for the entire time helps take your mind off the nerves! The atmosphere can often be a bit flat at Wembley - for many reasons - it is up to all of us to make sure this isn't the case in our end on Saturday.

Pre match, the pubs around Wembley are designated for either Arsenal or Wigan fans - and information on this is here: . We also expect the pubs around Baker Street to be very busy with Arsenal fans before the game.

Finally, you will probably see people wearing our 'BELIEVE' t-shirts - if you want one, you can get them here (although we cannot now guarantee delivery before the game).

So, see you all on Saturday - have a good day, and let's focus on lots of (red) colourful and noisy support for our team.

Victory Through Harmony


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27/03/14 - Man City, 'BELIEVE' t-shirts available, and more

Hi all

In case you have forgotten in the depression of the last week, we have a date at Wembley coming up soon!

Before the Everton game, we unveiled a banner saying ‘BELIEVE’, which got great feedback from many fans. By popular demand, we now have that same design available as a t-shirt for you to buy. There are a couple of ways you can do that – either in the Rocket foyer from 3pm until kickoff on Saturday; or from our website via this link (and we ship worldwide) link...

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19/03/14 - Get involved in a great atmosphere at Wembley!

Since we reached the FA Cup Semi Final, we have had lots of questions about what we are doing for the game. Lots of discussions are still underway, so the details are not finalised yet - but we wanted to let you know the big one, in advance of tickets going on sale this Thursday.

Working with the club, we have identified two blocks in the south-west corner of the stadium - where like minded fans can come together and create a special atmosphere by bringing as much noise to the stadium as possible. The designated #getinvolved&nbsp...

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05/03/14 - Everton FA Cup

With the Everton FA Cup game not far away, we have a few things to let you know about. Read on....

Lots of people have been in contact following the Bayern game to ask whether we will be doing anything special for the Everton game. We have a new banner on order (picture attached), which will be delivered to the stadium on Friday – and will be displayed from North Bank club level as the teams run out. Thanks to Sam Blackman who helped with the design for this one. Be at your seat in time to see it!

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